Lisa DeLong​ Attorney at Law

Practice Areas


Whether you seek an amicable, peaceful resolution or you want to fight for justice, I can assist you. 

Often, legal issues can be resolved through effective negotiation and reasonable compromise and I can help you down that path; however, if an acceptable agreement can not be reached, I am a seasoned, experienced litigator and I will bring my passion for your case to the courtroom


Divorce                                                                       Expunction / Sealing Deferred

Custody / Child Support                                                Theft by Check

Adoption                                                                      Shoplifting

Modification                                                                  Assault

Protective Orders                                                          Family Violence

CPS                                                                            POM/POCS

AG                                                                              Personal Injury

DWI                                                                             Automobile Accidents

DWLS/DWLI                                                                 Wills / Probate / Guardianship       

Occupational Driver’s License                                        General Legal Problems




Legal issues do not arise in a vacuum.  By carefully considering the circumstances that led to your current situation and discussing options available to you, we can work together to find a solution.   I am committed not only to helping you successfully solve current problems but also to helping prevent future legal difficulties.  I believe that a good lawyer must be a defender, an advocate, and a teacher.


            The legal system can be frightening.  I will do my best to protect you.

            The legal system can seem unjust.  I will do my best to find justice for you.

            The legal system can be confusing.  I will do my best to inform you.

Every case is unique and deserving of an individual approach.


Regardless of the area of law, the first step toward resolution is a consultation.  Whether or not I charge a fee for the initial consultation depends on the type of case and we’ll let you know at the time you schedule your appointment.   You are unique and so is your case.  During your initial consultation, we will work together to pinpoint the issues, formulate goals and develop a strategy to reach those goals. 


If you need representation in a family law matter that is agreed and uncontested, we will draft and file the necessary pleadings, prepare final orders and property transfer documents and I will represent you at the uncontested docket.  If your case is contested, whether as to custody, possession, support or property division, during my representation I will do everything I can within the legal system to help you achieve your goals, whether through negotiation, mediation, trial before the court, or jury trial.  


           If you need representation in a criminal law matter, our primary goal will always be dismissal or acquittal.  If that goal is unattainable, a reduction in the charge or punishment may be appropriate.   Or we may just have to go to trial, either before a judge or a jury.  As a part of my representation, I also want to help you to develop the life skills necessary to avoid future “run-ins” with the law.